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Wow, well that was short...

I was under the impression this game would be a fun and frantic sword-em-up where I run through level upon level fighting similar sword wielding stick-men.

Fun? Admittedly yes, and the combat system requires precision and timing. If you fail, it was your fault, but when you succeed, you know you earned it.

Swords? Yea, there's a fuck-ton. I gave it an extra point in the score just for this reason

Level upon level? Here's where we nosedive... There are four... And they're not long. The 12 or 16 stages that make up the singleplayer shamelessly reuse the levels, making progress repetitive.

I'd go on but I'm being given *the stare* for not ironing my shirt. So we'll leave it at this:

With completion in just under 2hrs of total play time, and a default cost of £10.99! A worthwhile purchase this game is not.

13 Sep, 2014 (PC)