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Valiant Hearts: The Great War

I had high hopes for an emotional roller-coaster that potentially put the pedestal a little too high to reach for this beautiful 2D adventure from Ubisoft. There’s many great things about Valiant Hearts, namely in the storytelling and presentation, but there’s also a slow plod to the gameplay that makes progression a drag to the next chunk of storytelling. The games conclusion almost hit the bottom lip but fell a little short and expected given the subject matter and continual grief that's thrown at you from the war. If nothing else it’s a nice little history lesson and change of pace from my regular gaming schedule, and I’d look forward to more of this nature from the studio.

31 Jul, 2015 (PC)

Got to love that UbiArt framework. It's got a great story throughout, some nice puzzle sections, and it teaches you some WW1 history.

6 Dec, 2014 (Xbox One)