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Metroid: Other M

I'm a bit conflicted about this game.

Taken as a Metroid title it's pretty bad, the focus on a (horrible) story (the baby, the baby etc.) Ruins Samus' character and the removal of my favourite aspect - the lonely isolation and exploration of an alien environment pretty much seals the deal.

But... Looked upon as a pure action game, it's pretty fun. The graphics are nice in a garish sort of way, the combat is fluid and fast paced and the controls work well once you get used to using the wiimote horizontally.

I enjoyed it enough to finish it and think if you can look passed the fact that it's a Metroid game there's entertainment to be had.

6 Jan, 2014 (Wii)
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

After putting it off for 2 years I finally sat down and played this, and am I glad I did! Fantastic game, possibly in my top 3 for last gen.

Nintendo finally got motion controls right, the sword fighting is peerless. It's got some of the best dungeons of any Zelda I've played and some series best boss battles as the icing on the cake.

The only thing preventing me from giving it a perfect 10 is that there is a little too much hand holding for my liking and it takes a little while to get going. Once it does it provides a heck of an adventure.

Everyone with a Wii or WiiU owes it to themselves to play this.

1 Jan, 2014 (Wii)
No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

More Suda51 madness. Over the top boss battles by the butt-load (alliteration ftw).

An entertaining if flawed game, that streamlines the first game massively and arguably loses a lot of the charm in the process.

I'd still recommend picking it and the original up dirt cheap if you've got an unloved Wii hanging around.

Oh and the final boss was probably harder (or cheaper?) than any single boss in Dark Souls - nearly had me pulling my hair out!

1 Sep, 2013 (Wii)