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Super Mario Maker

A game I had almost zero interest in, and to which I couldn’t see the appeal. The rivalry between Patrick Klepek and Dan Ryckert around the game however exploded my interest. Since picking it up I’ve been playing it morning, noon and night. It’s the brilliance of Mario platforming bliss created in such a way that its replayability is endless. Already I’ve experienced, and created, mechanics with the Mario elements that I’d never imagined possible. I just wish more people had it, and a Wii U, to properly enjoy its social sharing potential.

1 Jan, 2016 (WiiU)
Mario Kart 8

It’s Mario Kart; only most of the characters are on motorbikes or planes. It’s exactly what you’d expect from the latest iteration in the never ending racer. There’s a great slew of tracks and characters, taking heavily from the series past and adding the gimmick of being able to drive upside down via some strange wheel magnetic anti-gravity thingy. It’s fun, vibrant and very much Nintendo.

18 Nov, 2015 (WiiU)
Devil's Third

This is definitely not for everyone, but I'm a bit of an Itagaki fan boy so had to buy this. 

Imagine a naughties action game with an 80's action hero and you're pretty much there. Gameplay is stupid and fun, boss battles are the right side of challenging and the multiplayer is mental.

Buy it cheap if that sounds appealing. 

15 Nov, 2015 (WiiU)
Super Mario 3D World

An absolutely gorgeous and content rich platformer once again demonstrating why Nintendo are a league above most when it comes to polish and execution. Right from the offset Super Mario 3D world oozes charm and it’s hard not to adore the whimsical nature of the world, from the cute cat-suit additions to the saturated colour palette that covers spectrums outside of modern gaming browns and greys. There is a large amount of variety in the many core and additional worlds, with many levels dedicated to sparsely used and frequently brilliant core game mechanics. Easily one of the best co-op experiences of the generation to date.

7 Jun, 2015 (WiiU)
Mario Kart 8

Best Mario Kart ever? Best Mario Kart ever.

19 Jul, 2014 (WiiU)